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India's first women-centric newspaper

Date published: December 12, 2005 Author: Newswatch Desk
Subject: Newsworthiness, Media and Issues   Specials: Indian Newspaper Scene   Country: India   
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GWALIOR: You might have come across several newspapers writing on the plight of women, but have you ever heard about a paper run by women, for women and to women?

If not, then come to Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh to read through 'Mahila Paksh', India's first women centric newspaper, covering issues and subjects ranging from atrocities on women to their achievements in various fields.

With reporters filing stories from across India, the paper helps women in not only getting the justice, but it also treats them as members and not customers or readers. The paper provides a sense of duty, belongingness, respect and sensitivity for all women related issues.

"Our main purpose is to create awareness in the women not about the social issues but awareness for the self. They don't understand themselves and realise their potential. We want them to recognise their potential, caliber and capability. They can take their own independent decisions" said Samanvay Kumar, the newspaper's chief editor.

The newspaper holds meeting and discussion like any other newspaper on various story ideas. The very nature of the paper is indeed unique. The paper claims that there is no comparison of Mahila Paksh with other media houses.

Like any other paper, Mahila Paksh is not hungry for readership. Rather the paper is interested in creating members and nor readers or customers.Mahila Paksh works with dutifulness and respect, which you do not see in any other media today.

"My husband works for the irrigation department. He took loan from someone at two percent interest rate but afterwards he was asked to return the money at the rate of ten percent. I approached Mahila Paksh and gave this news. Soon after the news got published, we got rid of the problem when senior authorities intervened in the matter" said Munni Bai, a victim who got justice through the paper.

"Mahila Paksh is a unique newspaper of Madhya Pradesh to bring forward various problems of women. Through the initiatives of this paper, we got lot of help to carry out various activities in the region. The paper is doing a wonderful job in this male dominated society" said Kanta Tomar, President and Convener, State women commission, Madhya Pradesh.

Any woman who is sensitive towards the plight of women in the society is welcome to become the member of the paper. The paper arranges face-to-face interactions with the staffers from time to time to educate women about the policies and procedures of the paper.

[ First published: December 12, 2005   Last updated: August 12, 2010 ]
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